Welcome to Damac1214's Cave
For people with Swag.
This shit Cray.

They Don't say be like it is, But it do.

January 18, 2018


Hello, If you've come here your either here to test something, or you've come to stalk Damac1214. feel free to look around at the abyss that is this wiki. Make sure to look at our policy page, which we don't have.. Also i recommend checking out our other well contented page, this is all bullshit if you haven't noticed. I'm sure you wont enjoy your time here. If you want to see our main wiki please go to This place.

Did you know...

  • That This guy has an amazing userpage?
  • This shit, is in fact, cray?
  • That Emu's are feared birds of prey?
  • That Kanye West and Jay-z are amazing?
  • That Stainless Steel Toasters will one day rule the world?
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